How is Your Hip Pain Affecting You?


Your hips are one of the major joints in your body. Controlling a good portion of your mobility and flexibility, they are a powerhouse within your body. That is why hip pain can be a huge hindrance whenever it makes its presence known. 

But how can you move past your hip pain? The first step is determining why it’s happening.

Is there a preexisting injury or genetic issue? Once you know the cause, discuss with a professional the best course of action for recovery. Although hip pain is frequently the result of osteoarthritis or injury, it can also be a sign of other health conditions. 

Common Causes Of Hip Pain


Inflammation – Triggered by illness or injury, the build-up of fluid in the hip joint can cause pain and further injury if left untreated.


Overuse Injury – Heavy wear and tear on the cartilage surrounding the hip joint can cause arthritis or other injuries. Even routine daily activities that

are stressful on the hip joints and can cause damage over time.

Trauma – Less subtle than overuse injuries, fractures and dislocations of the hips are easier to diagnose since they frequently result from direct trauma and can be detected with an X-ray.

Luckily you can treat most causes of this pain with chiropractic adjustments. Studies have shown that chiropractic care helped reduce pain by 60% from conditions like sciatica and avoid surgery altogether. Using alternative methods like chiropractic care could help you avoid high medical costs, time, and side effects from surgery and drugs. If you are ready to get started with chiropractic care for your hip pain book your consultation today.