Why Us?

If you are looking for a team of dedicated professionals that understand all of the physical and emotional challenges that go along with your “outside” not looking like you want it to and you want support, guidance, empowerment, accountability, and empathy paired with all natural, science-based strategies to not just lose unwanted and unhealthy weight but to feel and be your best on the inside AND the outside. Well then, we want to pair with you, and you have found your people!

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DNA-Based Weight Loss

Sick and tired of all the gimmicks, shots, shakes and wraps? Ready to get serious and make the commitment to fixing your metabolism and finally losing unhealthy, unwanted weight? The Activate Metabolics DNA based weight loss program focuses on 4 foundational concepts to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Advanced Testing: DNA tells us what you need to know for the rest of your life
  2. Focused Eating: Eat in a healthy way, that allows for flexibility to restore normal metabolic function
  3. Supplements: To support normal health, not “accelerate” weight loss – no gimmicks here!
  4. Support: The key component to success – accountability.

Custom recommendations designed to meet your goals

Frequently Asked Questions About Activate Metabolics

Plans and Pricing

Weight Loss…for life. 20, 40, 60+ pounds? When you’re ready to get healthy and lose those extra pounds, we’re ready to help you succeed! Your program is custom created for you, right down to your DNA! Our doctor-supervised programs are covered by HSA insurance plans. In order to meet your financial needs (in case you don’t have an HSA), we have multiple ways to handle the finances associated with generating lifetime results—short programs and long programs, prepay discounts and monthly financing options starting as low as $40/month. Let’s get you on the path to transformation today!

All DNA-based weight loss and contouring plan are 100% customizable. Weight loss and contouring session plans start as low as $500. Discounts are available with packages as well as in office financing options.

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